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An important aspect of the school is a tutorial system where each student is assigned a personal tutor, who meets with him and his parents regularly to help formulate a study timetable, consider career objectives in secondary study and pinpoint academic, personal and social strengths and weaknesses. The tutorial system is introduced gradually in Standard One and fully in Standard Two and beyond.

The knowledge of each student, and the direction of the tutor, signal at every moment the objectives and goals that pertain personally to the student, thereby allowing the achievement of the educational aims to prevail.
Tutors make it easier for parents and children to integrate with the school.

At Trimont College tutors also teach Doctrinal Formation. This allows the tutors to have a direct knowledge of the boys and to get to know them better.

The tutors are:

Christopher Chin Lee
Mr. Leslie Clarke
Mr. Gabriel Joseph
Mr. David Lancer
Mr. Gregory O’Young
Mr. Herman Rodriguez
Mr. Sean See Wai
Mr. Brian Woo
Mr. Kenny Young
Mr. Kabron Henry
Mr. Gerard Pounder

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