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The Personal Views Of The Teachers, Expressed Here, Do Not Reflect The Position Of The School On Said Topics.

  • How to Raise Indistractable Kids
    One of the best gifts we can give our children is the gift of focus. When kids know how to focus their attention they are: Protected against distractions; Can better control their time; & Focus on what matters. There are a lot of things that are simply not true about distracted kids. Starting with possibly ….
  • A network of affordable, tailor-made educational programmes
    Just about 1 year ago, the number of Venezuelans living in the country was stated to be at 40,000 and of these it was understood that as many as 3,000 Venezuelan children may not have been receiving a formal education in schools. At that point, some had estimated that those figures may very well triple … Continue reading Read more
  • What’s wrong with a hobby in AI and Robotics ?
    This clip was recorded during Cognitive Function Synthesis operation on a simulated Pioneer configured in a behaviour-based sense. Notice that as its experience increases, the robot learns to avoid collision with the enclosure. This avoidance was not pre-programmed, but learned based on pre-configured reflexes.

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