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Since its inception, our schools have implemented a Scholarship Programme to facilitate the education of children coming from large families as well as talented children whose present family resources are not able to cover their children’s tuition.

In recent years, the arrival of many refugee brothers and sisters, particularly those from Latin-American, has led us to ask ourselves how best we might contribute to the easing of their plight. Present circumstances have made it difficult for these children to go to school to receive a formal education that would equip them with the necessary resources to face the future with optimism.

We have, therefore, decided to take on the project of accommodating refugee children into our schools as one of many initiatives that would contribute to alleviating this matter.

Our vision is that these refugees need to be integrated into the community as quickly and seamlessly as possible and that their being educated alongside locals who have been readily exposed to the language of the refugees would achieve that faster than having them educated apart.

Contribution towards the Scholarship Fund can be made below. For more information about our monthly/annual giving program, or memorial gifts, please contact Gerard Pounder by phone at 351-3375 or by email at

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Click here if you are making a pledge payment to the Scholarship Fund.

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