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It is evident how important is the perfect integration of the family with the school. The school can never replace the family. On the contrary, it should complement it. The constant collaboration of parents and teachers helps to achieve our educational objectives.

Education is based on the positive example of parents and teachers. This commits everyone to live in accordance with the human and spiritual values, which we propose as the standard for our students. As a result, it requires a special quality and responsibility on the part of the people involved in the educational task that the school promotes.

An important aspect of the school is a tutorial system where each student is assigned a personal tutor, who meets with him and his parents regularly. The tutorial system seeks to assist parents in the intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual education of their sons.

The school encourages the parents to participate in Family Courses, conferences about education and organizes a Seminar of Integration to the school every year.

In 2011 parents and teachers were present to the conferences of James Stenson and some parents attended a Family Course organized by Caribbean Institute for Family Development (

Parents, teachers and students enjoy together some events during the year as Christmas concert, football on Fridays, family barbecues, First Communion, etc.

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