Human & Christian Formation

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At Trimont, we help our students to develop their sense of Freedom and Responsibility, not mainly by classroom lectures, but primarily through cultivating an atmosphere of trust.

Taking into account the age of the boys as well as their varying temperaments, we help ours students in their decision making by first listening to them and then by respecting their choices and helping them to be responsible for their actions.

Through following this approach, which is meant to complement the formation being received in the boys’ respective homes, the stage is set for our students to acquire the necessary virtues needed for them to face up to life’s challenges. Both programmes are transmitted using up to date pedagogy.

Human Formation

An important component of Human Formation is transmitted to our students through the Citizenship classes. Citizenship is an age-specific, structured program that provides concrete examples of Virutes being lived out, for the boys to follow suit.

Christian Formation

Catholic Formation also uses an age-specific, structured programme. However, it is complemented by weekly Mass and spiritual attention by the school’s chaplain. The boys are also encouraged to live piety through visits to the Chapel.

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