How The Trimont Student Council Began

One day, about 2 years ago, the Trimont Teachers decided that they would open up the floor to any suggestions from the students on what they wanted to improve based on student life at school.

Multiple crazy suggestions were brought up with some valid ones and some far fetched ones but none out of reach. In light of that, it was decided that maybe the students should form a committee where they could brain storm on how to make the students of Trimont College even happier. So after a couple of meetings and some prompting from the vice-principal, the students chose a representative from each class in the upper school, and things started to take flight.

After a couple weeks of planning, we decided to try to complement the tuck shop menu with some new offerings, which the students voted for. Eventually it blossomed and the Students Council started offering Doubles every other Wednesday, with Subway or KFC on alternating weeks. Fortunately these initiatives were quite successful.

With the Wednesday Lunch program well established, towards the middle of October 2019, other students proposed the idea of playing some friendly competitions that could be organized for the students to participate in during school. When this was brought to the attention of the Students Council, they loved the idea and agreed to fund the prizes for what came to be known as the first ever Trimont Football Midday League.

More recently, during these unprecedented ‘lockdown’ times, the Student Council wanted to encourage healthy competition amongst their classmates and they held the first ever Fifa 20 Tournament for both XBOX and PS4 consoles. With about 8 competitors in each division, the tournament took place over two weekends. All the matches were streamed on TWITCH with over 20 people watching one game at a time. With the classmates of the competing students backing them, tension and expectation mounted as the day approached. Competition was stiff ! The matches were exciting. In one category, a boy from Primary school came second overall. It was a great success and the Student Council provided cash prizes to the winners.

The Students Council keeps aiming high, working together to keep the students happy so that learning becomes even more enjoyable … even though we be physically apart.

Written by: Charles Devaux .

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