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Why did we start a new school?

The positive experience of many similar educational projects around the world shows that the care for families that a school provides and an education based on moral values, are the most important factors to provide a proper education in the pluralistic society in which we live, a society characterized by sharp vision contrasts, a rapid flow of information and a confusion of values.

We wanted to create a school which provides:

*Special attention to the parents in order to have a harmony between family and school values and aims.
Harmony between the family and the school allows a progressive development of the virtues of the children. We share the conviction that parents are the first educators of their children and as such they have the primary responsibility in this task. The school should be an extension of the family.

Parents, teachers and students should walk in the same direction. This is the reason for the choice of our School Motto:

In Unum Aedificantes Futurum (United We Build The Future).

*A high standard educational model opens to the transcendent sense of human existence.

We want to provide broad instruction beyond the academic field, to produce men with personality and moral values, not just good students.

These principles comprise the distinct characteristic of this school in the educational environment of the nation.

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