Acting IS Life. Everything Else is Rehearsals

The First ever Trimont College Drama Club took its start at the beginning of January 2020, with a group of 17 students from the classes of Junior 3, 4, and 5, and Form 1. At its origin was the very successful performance by both Upper and Lower School students at the December 2019 Christmas Concert. The general consensus amongst members of staff was that “such natural talent could not be left to waste!”.

The program focused initially on teaching the basic skills of stage movements, the various levels of acting, impromptu acting and even a bit of dance. Together they had fun. They learned new skills and became “stars” for the Term. The students of the Drama club were able to exhibit their newly developed skills to the entire school on the very last Friday of Term 2, during the Morning Assembly. Their performance had both students and staff bursting out with laughter with their comedic performances of short, but hilarious skits. Decked out in full costumes, complete with stage props, and even a stage crew, the Drama students pulled off an impressive performance, which was enjoyed by all.

Drama club activities continued into the third and final term of the 2019-2020 school year, despite the Covid-19 lockdown. Classes were held online. On any given Thursday afternoon during the lockdown, a group of 10 students came online for the Zoom sessions which focused on the latest skill … ‘Voice acting’.

The Thespians portrayed characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Robin, Black Panther, Alfred, Darth Vader, Yoda, Thanos and even, A Mad Scientist. They were given a freehand to write their own scripts. These newly formed Thespians brought their creativity and made of their story something absolutely spectacular.

Students who participated in both terms of Drama, were appointed to the Trimont College’s Drama Club Leadership team, as a result of their discipline, their drive and their love for this craft. This team will now constitute the steering committee for planning, directing and executing of the drama activities in the school under the supervision of Mr. St. Rose. With this new body, we are looking forward to a new school year, and more opportunities to portray the amazing talents and skills of our amazing students.

Exit Stage Left.

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