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Welcome to Trimont College
Principal’s Message

Welcome to the website of Trimont College, which will allow you to become acquainted with us, our history and the exciting future that lies ahead of us.

Visitors to our website can see how Trimont College helps parents in their task of educating their sons to become authentic leaders. Harmony between the values imbued in the family and at school allows for a progressive development in virtue. In so doing, parents are supported in their effort to form their sons into “the type of men they would want their daughters to marry”. Men with solid personalities and sound moral values, who strive for excellence in their studies and who will be great fathers as they are prepared to serve others at home and in society with a sense of responsibility for the development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trimont College is a registered Cambridge International School and in May 2018 for the first time our Form 5 (Cambridge Stage 11) class sat the IGCSE Qualifications exams with 97% passes. Almost half of these results were graded A and A*.

We are currently accepting applications for:
• Primary School; and
• Secondary School from Forms 1 to 4.

Please click on link below to access our 2019/20 Form 6 Prospectus

Trimont Form 6 Prospectus

Thank you for visiting Trimont College website.

You can also visit our Trimont EduPage Portal and find us on Facebook.

Christopher Chin Lee

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