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Teachers perform the areas of Academia, Sports and Physical Education and Doctrinal Formation to foster educational learning, spiritual awareness and physical training to the students.








Doctrinal Formation

Mr. Sean See Wai

Mr. Herman Rodriguez

Mrs.Carolyn Hospedales

Mr. Kenny Young

Mr. Komal Maharaj

Mr. Gregory O’Young

Mr. Charles Pocock

Mr. Gabriel Joseph

Mrs. Maria Colthrust

Mr. Philip Hamel-Smith

Mr. J. Gabriel Joseph

Mr. Russell Martinez

Ms. Alicia Maraj

Mr. Christopher Chin Lee

Mrs. Michelle de Gourville

 Mr. David Lanser



Spanish Language

Education Consultant

Mrs. Maria Bodu

Mr. Brendon Butts


Assistant: Mr. Dike Ramdeen




Sports & Physical Education

Mr. Michiel Van Hout

Mr. Sheldon Bhawanie


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